About Founder

Cheryl, the founder of Yeotaskin, was once a fashion designer .

Influenced by her mother, She learned to set high standards in maintaining her personal image and skincare routine from a young age. Besides, due to her skin allergy, Cheryl is particularly cautious when it comes to selecting skincare products.

“ I never thought of starting my own skincare brand, I just genuinely love skincare and beauty. The story of YEOTASKIN all started with the time when I was a fashion image stylist.”

With one year of thoughtful planning and preparation, the Yeotaskin brand was born. In the year of 2022, the brand has officially ushered its third year of establishment. We are a beauty and skincare brand specified in handmade natural herbal products, with all of the products available nationwide in Malaysia. In order to develop high-quality skincare products, the founder herself had tested countless samples, and continuously improved them to achieve today’s skincare results. With the help of Yeotaskin products, countless customers have solved their skin problems effectively.

As a designer working in the fashion industry, Cheryl would spend a lot of time overseas to purchase fabric samples. During her work trip, She met a senior doctor who was about to retire by a fortunate chance. He recommended to Cheryl his exclusive Chinese herbal skin care formula after understanding her skin condition. Cheryl’s skin condition was greatly improved after a period of use. Therefore, after communicating with the senior doctor from Hong Kong, She made a contract agreement with him, then she returned to Malaysia in order to start her exclusive skincare brand.

In fact, Yeotaskin is not only a beauty brand, we provide you with an independent career that has the freedom of time, aiming to help our members achieve financial freedom. Ever wanted to become a beautiful and powerful woman? Yeotaskin hears your voice.